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  • Lara Rahib

    Lara Rahib

    I was in the Real Estate Industry for 5 years. I loved real estate, but in some areas, it became a struggle. Sometimes you never know if deals are going to close, and how you will pay your mortgage or rent. I was banking on deals to close and my fate was in the hands of people buying or selling homes. I struggled with horrible anxiety and tried to cope with many things in my life. I Decided to use my anxiety and turn it into something positive. I put my focus on something I truly wanted, not just for myself but for my parents, which was financial freedom. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and my mom was still working while she had arthiritis. My dad was almost 70 at the time and my mom was in her 60's. Luckily, my dad beat the fight, but even after what he went through, he went back to work. I started really focusing on e-commerce. I built my own brand and started selling on Amazon. I did over $700,000 in just my first year! I was super excited! Once, I realized Amazon was changing and they were starting to take over their own platform, I decided to shift gears and focus on Shopify and dropshipping. I was determined, focused and motivated to start taking control of my own business, on my OWN website and not depend on a third party like Amazon. After only 3 months I hit almost $500,000 on a consistent monthly basis, with a 28-40% profit margin! Now I am excited to share my journey and expertise with you so you can learn, grow and gain financial freedom!