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Create Highly Profitable Ecommerce Stores from anywhere in the world.

Many people think you need a lot of crazy money to start a successful, sustainable business..which can be true, but when it comes to shopify dropshipping that is completely false. With shopify dropshipping you DO NOT need to purchase any inventory...

You see it's very simple...The customer goes on your store, purchases the product, and you tell your supplier to ship it out to the customer. You sell it for a higher price than what you bought it, and boom you've made a profit. 

You're probably asking yourself..okay well where do I find these products? Very simple actually. You can reverse engineer other stores, reverse engineer facebook, use different software and much more. 

Many people think: 

  • You need a lot of money to get started in dropshipping

  • Too hard to figure out facebook ads and scale

  • Hard to find products that will sell

  • Too good to be true

All these are completely false. It is the lowest risk business to ever start, you just need a laptop and wifi. 

If you are tired of working a dead end job, want more financial freedom and want to be able to work from anywhere in the world...then please, keep reading...







Developed by Industry Leader Lara Rahib

Hey! I'm Lara

4 Years ago, I started my eCommerce journey. It all started when I was dealing with horrible anxiety and coping with many different things in my life. I decided to use my anxiety and turn it into something positive. I put my focus on something I truly wanted, not just for myself but for my parents, which was financial freedom. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and my mom was still working while she had arthritis. My dad was almost 70 at the time and my mom was in her 60's. Luckily, my dad beat the fight, but even after what he went through, he went back to work. I started really focusing on e-commerce to not only pave my future but to help my parents. I built my own brand and started selling on Amazon. I did over $700,000 in just my first year! I was super excited! Once, I realized Amazon was changing and they were starting to take over their own platform, I decided to shift gears and focus on Shopify and dropshipping. I was determined, focused and motivated to start taking control of my own business, on my OWN website and not depend on a third party like Amazon. After only 3 months I hit almost $500,000 on a consistent monthly basis, with a 28-40% profit margin! It completely changed my life! I was able to buy a new home, a new car and ultimately retire my parents! Now I am excited to share my journey and expertise with you so you can learn, grow and gain financial freedom!
Developed by Industry Leader Lara Rahib


  • Full access to a portal with 13 chapters and 90+ videos which walk you through how to be successful in your E-commerce and Dropshipping Business. 

  • Quizes and Homework assignments at the end of each chapter that keep you on track to be successful in your business
  • 1 on 1 30-minute weekly personal calls with me (all recorded and sent to you) and unlimited access to me when needed.

  • Exclusive access to a private facebook group where all students reside

  • Live content inside the exclusive Facebook group from me, every Tuesday at 5pm Pacific, including Q & A's.

  • Constant updates in the dropshipping world to keep you up to date and allow you to take the required steps to stay on top of your business.

  • Case Studies, where I test different strategies (advertising, apps etc) using my own money to get results, which then are later presented to all students and added inside of the portal as new lessons so you can implement them to increase revenue and make more profit in your business. 


How Do I Constantly Make 6-7 Figures + With My Shopify Stores?

There is a simple funnel that allowed me to scale my Shopify stores from 0 to 6 figures+ every time! The funnel goes like this (Facebook ad--> Shopify store--> purchase). You create a Facebook ad, run traffic from Facebook to your product page on your store and the customer buys your product, it really is that simple, with the right guidance of course. The recipe for success is as follows: Optimized website for conversions + The correct facebook ad creative, targeting and ad copy + The right product = 6+ Figures.
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Some of Many Successful Students

Hear their stories...

Matt Cortez Went from Driving Lyft to owning a very successful E-commerce store. He was able to hire 3 employees and consistently hits $10,000 days! Listen to his story!

Stephanie went from living paycheck to paycheck- to hitting $900,000 in sales in 5 months! Listen to her story!

Angelo jumped on Lara's coaching program right away! "She's like having a friend who's doing what you're doing, but does it matter!" "No Fluff!". Listen to his story!

More Testimonials...

Don't take my word for it

Jennifer Hightower

I knew I wanted to be my own boss

Jennifer Hightower

I knew I wanted to be my own boss. I knew I wanted to be in Ecom. I spent three years and thousands of dollars on several different courses trying to find my way. Nothing turned out how I had hoped. When I came across Lara Rahib's The Wolves of Ecom course, I knew I landed in exactly the right place. I dropped everything else I had been spinning my wheels on for so long and started focusing 100% on Lara's coaching program. It is hands down the best course out there. There's no flashy gimmicks or get rich quick schemes with The Wolves of Ecom. That's not needed. Imagine a coach who provides everything you need from start to finish. All the fat trimmed. Straight to the point. Step by step coaching on how to set up a successful, sustainable, long term E-Com business. Period. That's what you get with Lara. The best part is, Lara truly wants you to succeed. She is an expert in the industry. She is a friend. She truly supports her students in every way each individual student needs. Lara Rahib is the best of the best. I can't recommend The Ecom Wolfpack highly enough.
Clara Flamengo

I am very happy I joined

Clara Flamengo

I am very happy I joined Lara Rahib’s coaching program. It is not just a general program but very practical and to the point. Lara is very hands on and shares information you need to succeed. She gives all the information you need to create your dropshipping business, start advertising and grow.
Carrie Lynn

Lara is an amazing person

Carrie Lynn

Lara is an amazing person who has put together a great training program. The online courseware is extremely detailed and thorough. It shows you literally step-by-step how to do everything and is very informational. Without her program, it would take me easily 6 months to figure out how to do this all on my own. You can tell she really cares about her students, wants them to succeed and is an excellent motivator. I have also greatly appreciated having access to her at all times during the program. She replies very quickly (almost always within an hour) to any questions I have, no matter how big or small. Highly recommend!
Roserbie Theoc

I've wanted to get into ecom for the longest

Roserbie Theoc

I've wanted to get into ecom for the longest. I didn't want to make unnecessary mistakes. What I've found in this program are straight forward instructions without the fluff. I understand what I'm doing and why I'm putting strategies into play. I'm glad this is the program I went with.

What's Inside

  • 1
    Welcome to The Ecom Wolf Pack Coaching program!
    • A message from the instructor
    • The importance of Mindset
    • Why Most People Fail
    • Booking Your Calls
    • Joining the Exclusive Facebook Group
  • 2
    Shopify Basics & Product Research
    • Theme Selection
    • Examples of Successful Dropshipping Stores
    • Product Research Part 1
    • Product Research Part 2
    • Product Research Part 3
    • Info and Ads tab update- Facebook Change
    • Poweradspy
    • Let's see how much you've learned..
    • Aliexpress and What to Look For in Suppliers
    • What Type of Store Should You Choose? General or Niche?
    • How to Sign up and Contact Shopify
    • How to Name Your Store and Logo Creation
    • Homework
  • 3
    Setting up Your Shopify Store
    • How to set up your settings in your store
    • Shopify Collections and Pages
    • Shopify Main Menu and Footer Navigation
    • Connecting your domain
    • Are you sleeping yet?
    • Homework
    • Checklist For Website
  • 4
    Product Importing
    • How to import products to your store using Oberlo
    • How to configure your settings for Oberlo
    • How to set pricing for your product
    • Test your learning
    • Homework
  • 5
    Product Descriptions
    • How to design your product page and website for optimal conversions
    • How to find awesome descriptions/Examples of awesome descriptions
  • 6
    Apps You Need and Why
    • Apps part 1 : Lucky Orange and Currency Converter
    • Apps part 2: Tidio Live Chat and Product Review apps
    • ***IMPORTANT** Omnisend Email Marketing Automation/Abandoned Cart Recovery/Order Confirmation/Follow Up
    • Adding Tracking numbers into Paypal using to avoid Paypal holds
    • Are you APPrehending?
    • Homework
  • 7
    Introduction to Facebook Ads
    • Setting up Business Manager
    • Setting up your facebook page and ad account
    • Setting up your pixel
    • How to find your target audience
    • Overview of facebook campaigns- ADSET BUDGET
    • How to set up your facebook campaigns- AD SET BUDGET
    • You better get a 100% ;)
    • Facebook Advertising Policies- PLEASE REVIEW
    • How to write winning ad copy and headline
    • Duplicating adsets and using existing post ID- ADSET BUDGET
    • Getting Social Proof for your ad
    • PPE campaigns - Everything you need to know
    • How to set up your columns for data reading
    • What to look for when testing products and key metrics (KPI-Key Performance Indicators)
    • Pixels- Everything You Need to Know
    • Contacting Facebook Support Chat
    • You're doing great..
    • Homework
    • Business Tracker for profit and loss
  • 8
    CBO Campaigns
    • Overview of CBO Campaigns
    • Setting up your CBO campaigns for testing
    • Summary of CBO campaigns
  • 9
    Fulfilling Orders
    • How to Fulfill Orders using Oberlo and Aliexpress
  • 10
    Sourcing Agent For Faster Shipping Times
    • Wiio and Sourcing Agent Company
  • 11
    Facebook Ad Scaling
    • When should you scale?- ADSET BUDGET
    • When should you scale- CBO Campaigns
    • How do you scale? Horizontal and Vertical Scaling- ADSET BUDGET
    • How do you scale? CBO Campaigns
    • Adding Rules to your campaigns
    • Minimum and Maximums in CBO campaigns
    • Breaking Down Adsets to Test More Angles
    • Duplicating adsets for faster scaling or trouble scaling- ADSET BUDGET
    • Should you scale or KILL the product?
    • Face It!
    • Homework
  • 12
    Facebook Feedback Scores
    • New Facebook Feedback Score- SUPER IMPORTANT
  • 13
    Retargeting Campaigns
    • Who do we want to retarget and when?
    • Creating Custom Audiences for retargeting
    • Setting up your retargeting campaign
    • Ad copy for retargeting
    • What metrics and KPI to look for
    • Exclusions and when to use them
    • Your target should be getting a 100% on this quiz
    • Homework
  • 14
    Lookalike Audiences
    • When and How to create LLAs
    • How to create a LLA campaign
    • Scaling with LAL
    • Look here
    • Homework
  • 15
    Maximizing profits with these Apps
    • Ultimate Special Offers + Bundles
    • Quantity Breakers
    • Zipify OCU + Carthook
    • Homework
  • 16
    Facebook ads advanced strategies
    • What to do when your CPA's creep up on your winning product?
    • Creating your Dummy and PPE campaign
    • Creating Campaign Budget Campaigns
    • Creating automated rules for your campaign budget campaigns with more than one ad inside of each adset
    • How to bring back a dying product
    • Target Cost and when to use it
    • Test your knowledge
  • 17
    Long Term Success Factors
    • Staying on top of customer service
  • 18
    Outsourcing Tasks
    • How and What to outsource

Please DO NOT Apply If

  • You lack motivation and drive
  • You are looking for a get rich quick action plan
  • You do not want to put the work in
  • You have no money to invest


  • How do I get accepted to this program?

    You have to put in a request, which then we can schedule a 10-minute call to see if we are both a good fit. If so, then we send over a consultation agreement and get you well on your way to financial freedom!

  • How long do I have access to the portal?

    You have unlimited access to the portal until you decide that your coaching is complete. Once you are out of the program you will lose access to the portal.

  • When will I start seeing results?

    That really depends on each individual student. Some students find results sooner than others, depending on the amount of work put it. But we typically see students getting results 2 months into the program. This is not a GET RICH QUICK scheme, if that is what you are looking for, I suggest you look elsewhere. This is for people that want to build a highly profitable sustainable business.

  • How much do I need to start?

    Your Shopify portal will cost you between $29-$50 depending on the apps you have installed. We advise having $500-$1,000 for advertising, but the more the marrier.

  • Is this for beginners, intermediate or advanced skills?

    This program is for EVERYONE! We go from point A to point Z and nothing is ever left out!